Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Honeymoon: Delancey

While we were in Seattle, we were lucky enough to have dinner at Delancey, the restaurant owned by Molly Wizenburg (Orangette), who you may realize from reading my blog, I love. A lot.


We started with Burrata, served with prosciutto and arugula (excuse the not-so-great pictures taken in the dark restaurant with my point and shoot):


Then, pizza! I picked sausage:

Sausage Pizza

Salami and fennel seed (which I loved even though I do. not. like. fennel):

They may just look like normal pizzas, but they were AMAZING. Simple, high quality ingredients. The salami was especially phenomenal.

In the back, you can see Molly's husband, Brandon. In the front, you can see the bottle of rose that we drank...

Then, I met Molly. No big deal...

Molly Wizenburg & Me

She and Brandon gave us dessert on the house since it was our honeymoon. This is Adam's. I can't remember what it was, except it involved blackberries and was delicious Oh hey, I took a picture of the menu. It's blackberry pavlova:


But mine was totally better. Peaches with honey whipped cream, and BOURBON carmel. The bourbon. It was good.:

If you ever find yourself in Seattle, I highly recommend checking out Delancey (and getting there when it opens or else you might have to wait 2 hours for a table. If you do have to wait two hours for a table, there is a bar across the street, not that we went there and had enough drinks to be a bit tipsy before dinner). Also, one pizza is not enough for two people, but too much for one person, which means leftovers you can eat for breakfast in your hotel room. Cold pizza. Breakfast. It's classy.


  1. Congratulations! And what a wonderful night that was. Your dessert is one of my fave too :)

  2. I have read Orangette before but did not know she had a restaurant in Seattle! When I was there I would have definitely checked it out as well! Looks delicious